Ha Giang - Cao Bang - Ban Gioc Waterfall 4 Day

Price Quotation in USD / person
2 pax
3-4 pax
5 pax
6 - 9pax up
Ha Giang Open Air Jeep 
$ 520
$ 490
$ 480
Maximum 4 pax/ Jeep 
Call / WhatsApp to Book: 
Hotline 1: Ms. Jena +84978824660
Hotline 2: Mr Thai  +84867090477
Email: info@peakriders.net
The Brief 
Day 0: You will be picked up by night sleeper bus from 7.30 to 8.00 pm and arrive to Ha Giang around 3am and you get accommodation early morning (or Limousine bus leave from Ha Noi at 4pm, arrive in Ha Giang around 10.30pm)
Day 1: Ha Giang city - Bac Sum Slope - Quan Ba Heaven gate - Twin mountain - Yen Minh – Tham Ma Slope - H’mong King Palace - Dong Van ( over night in Dong van ) 
Day 2: Dong Van Town - Volunteer Youth monument - Ma Pi Leng Pass – see over view of Nho Que river - Meo Vac – Bao Lac ( over night in Bao lac) 
Day 3: Bao Lac - Me Pia Pass 14 step road - Cao Bang - Phia Tham - Ban Gioc over night in Ban Gioc 
Day 4: Ban Gioc - Nguom Ngao - Cao Bang - Limousine Transfer to Hanoi 
Tour includes : 
- Army Vintage Army Jeep 
- Pick up and drop off from Ha Noi Old Quarter by night sleeper bus private cabin or Limousine bus
- Accomadation: Stay at Homestay (or Hotel) bungallow, All private room for every night 
- All food includes. 4 Breakfast - 4 Lunch - 3 Dinner - authentic local foods.
- English speaking tour guides.
- All entry fees. 
- Free water durring the tour. (1 bottle/day)
- Pick up and drop off at your hotel in Ha Giang city & Hanoi Old Quarter
Tour not includes: Private drink at local restaurant, and travel insurance, tip for guide and driver....

Day 0:Transfer from Ha Noi to Ha Giang 
 If you are in Hanoi You will get pick up by night sleeper bus transfers to ha giang at 20-20:30 pm and arrive to ha Giang around 3 am and you get an accommodation provide on the tour for you sleep 
Day 1: Ha Giang city - Bac Sum Pass - Quan Ba Heaven gate - Twin mountain - Yen Minh - Tham Ma road - H’mong King Palace - Dong Van Town.

8.30am: Tour is start at our homestay, our tour guide and Open Air Jeep team will pick up at hotel or any meeting point in Ha Giang city

On the first day, you will see a big change in the scenery when you drive into the mountain roads. We will stop at Bac Sum Slope to enjoy the view and have drinks before arrival the town of Quan Ba. The tour takes you through the Dong Van Karst Geopark - a major geoheritage site in Vietnam. You will see a lot of  terraced rice fields, thousands of limestone rocks and magnificent views and hidden villages at the Valley. People will be working on the land and you will get a taste of rural north Vietnamese countryside life. Our riders also take you to the Quan Ba Heaven gate & Twin mountains – the famous viewpoint in Ha Giang. We will have lunch in local restaurant in Yen Minh Town. After lunch, we drive to Dong Van Town, you will make a stop at Tham Ma Slope and the residence of the Vuong’s family, which is still called “H’mong King Palace”. Then we will come to homestay and have dinner in Dong Van Town.
Day 2: Dong Van Town – Ma Pi Leng Pass - See over view Nho Que river-  Meo Vac -Bao Lac 
After delicious breakfast we leave Dong Van Town our open air Jeep Tour will take you to see  the most beautiful part of the whole journey, located on the Happiness road connecting the towns of Dong Van and Meo VacMa Pi Leng Pass. The legendary pass is well known for craggy cliffs and breath-taking views. It is the most ragged pass in the north, often referred to as the “king” of the passes in Vietnam! The whole road is winding through the cliffs and overcomes Ma Pi Leng pass at an altitude of 2,000 meters.

To show you the full beauty of the pass, we will Ride down the breathtaking Sky Path to admire the scenery of the whole valley and Nho Que river. From the amazing mountain viewpoint you will be able to experience a 360°, then ride to see panorama of Ma Pi Leng Pass and take unforgottable pictures. Standing on the peak of the pass, you will feel overwhelmed by the majestic space of mountains and rivers.

We will continue our journey to more distant villages. From there, you will know how people live in remote parts of Vietnam. We will drive through the villages of Lung Ho, 
Mau Due and Meo Vac, where we will have a pit stop for a lunch and drink. From Meo Vac Town we will continue through mountainous trail road area of Ha Giang province to Bao Lac with amazing landscape and famous village where we will spend over at  homestay with Local  Family, and enjoy dinner and happy water with family 
Day 3: Bao Lac - Me Pia pass 14 steps road  - Cao Bang - Phia Tham - Ban Gioc over night in Ban Gioc 

Let’s join a 130km Open Air Jeep tour, we will ride from  Bao Lac where is known for its charming geo-cultural sites.. Situated in a wide range of immense forests and mountains, Cao Bang ensures year-round fresh cool air. Riding through incredible limestone caves, spectacular dreamy waterfalls, majestic mountains, and several local villages, you will surely not want to leave. We will make stop at Ma Pia Slope to enjoy stunning landscape and beautiful views.
Jump on Open Air Jeep to romantic Ban Gioc Waterfall, the largest waterfall in stunning Vietnam. Covered by the vast deep green forests and emerald water running down from above, Ban Gioc waterfall appears as jaw-dropping as a fairy region, stirring the weak hearts of tourists all around the world when coming here. However, until now, this hotspot still remains its untouched beauty that is hardly seen in others. Take a tour on a bamboo craft to sightsee the steep cliffs and unique-shaped rocks covered by green color of mutltiple moss arrays. All is mixed to contrast down the green water, creating spectacular scenery.
Day 4: Ban Gioc - Nguom Ngao - Cao Bang - Hanoi 
It’s time to leave the town and go straight ahead to majestic Nguom Ngao Cave, one of the most marvelous caves in the North. And we also stop at viewpoints on the short journey to discover the hidden charm of the Northeast Vietnam mountains. Don’t forget to conquer undulating mountains, sharp curves, and green terraced fields dyed yellow under the afternoon sunlight.
You will back to Ha Noi by share car  at 12.30pm, arrive in Ha Noi around 7.00pm
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 Mr. Khang – Director 

Mr Khang was born in Ha Giang he grow up in a small village where mostly mountain and rocky, very dry and hard live, all year around eat corn, Mr Khang see Ha Giang So Beautuful and have some tourist come to visit Ha Giang More than 10 year ago, and Khang See tourism will be the best choise for his job, so he decited to study at tourism university, after He Graduate, Khang Became tour guide work in Hanoi, and learn a lot from tourism and i have travel to many places around Vietnam and have been to some country, but i still see my village, my home towm, my provice so so beautiful, and i decited to come back my provice open own company, first i am organise Motorbike tour with easy riders, then i see many people do it the same thing, i would like to do some thing different, so i saw open air jeep is another best way to see Ha Giang Loop, on the back of open air jeep, you can see all view and scenary around you, that why i decited to buy Jeep and  Ha Giang Jeep Tour - Open today 2023 we arrange 2 kind of jeep Open air army jeep and new model jeep, more happy now i can help and handle for more than 30 people work for my company, could contribute, some thing for my provice 


I hope my story will come to you and you will come with my tour, i am write in english not so well but i hope that you could understand my english story 


Mr Khang Ceo, founder Ha Giang Jeep Tour 
 Ms Van Manager of Sales and Marketing
With a comprehensive background in tourism, including graduating from Tourism University and accumulating extensive industry experience, I possess an in-depth understanding of the intricacies surrounding Ban Gioc Waterfall.

Company team 

Ms. Thuy Sale Executive 

Ms Vi - Customer Service Manager 

As your go-to resource for exceptional customer service, Ms. Vi is committed to exceeding your expectations and ensuring that every aspect of your journey with us is met with professionalism and care.

Mr Thai- Tour Operator 
As your trusted liaison, Mr. Thai oversees all aspects of your travel arrangements, from coordinating expert tour guides and experienced drivers to securing accommodations and arranging additional services

Ms. Phuong - Sales Manager 

Ms Quynh Tour Operation 

Ms Linh is Marketing Excutive 

Mr Duong Product Manager 

Mr Phuong Sales Coordinator

Mr Dang Tour Operator

Mr Duc Anh Sale Executive  


Mr Quan Customer Care

Ms Thuy Sales Manager

Ms Thom Marketing Manager

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