Ha Giang Easy Rider

To visit Ha Giang Motorbike will be the best way because Ha Giang have to many thing so beautiful and on the road have may thing open out need and see around you with over view Motorbike is the best , car good but not really like Motorbike, you can come to ha Giang rent a motorbike to ride your own or you can hire a riders to driver for you

Ha Giang Location in the north East of Vietnam where the border with china and we call Ha Giang is Vietnam Loop, Ha Giang have over 300km border line with china, and have amazing limestone and huge mountain and valley, and villages with over 25 ethnic minorities live in Ha Giang, and also one of the most amazing limestone emerge on the land as unesco recognize as global kast plateau geopark  so many thing beautiful around you even you driver on the main road for a few day you will see so beautiful and spectacular landscape, you will never feel boring, but if you go by car? it not as good idea for travel in Ha Giang, because have many villages and many small road as the car can not access, you will skip to see it and also from the car you can not see the over view, so Motorbike will be the best way to visit Ha Giang 

For Motorbike in Ha Giang it very convenience for you to rent a bike, if you well know to driver motorbike you can rent one from Ha Giang City, you can choose one suitable for you to ride, in Ha Giang City have many different bike for you to rent, you can rent automatic or semi automatic Motorbike or manual bike, off road bike, dirt bike with ever now they provide all of it

If incase you dont know how to ride motorbike you can hire a rider, or order or tour with Easy Rider in Ha Giang, if you order easy Rider it supper good for you becuase they arrange for you a tour and also choose the best place for you to visit and keep safe for you because Ha Giang Easy riders all of them they are local people, their well know the road, and have experience ride motorbike in Ha Giang, and also they will set up for you the best place for stay and enjoy the local food so Ha Giang Easy Rider is you choise 

The stay in ha Giang, Ha Giang More like adventure tour, mostly Ha Giang for you more experience you should stay at the homestay 

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