The reason why tourist should do the Ha Giang loop tour with Easy Riders

Ha Giang is the northernmost point of Vietnam, where it shares a border with China. With an altitude of about 2000m above sea level, this land is very favored by nature. The scenery here is as beautiful as a picture, including mountains, forests, rivers and fields.

Although the road is thorny and dangerous, do the  Ha Giang loop tour  by motorbike or car, jeep is an experience everyone should have once in their life to fully admire the privileges of scenery that nature bestows on the northernmost region of Vietnam. 


Not everyone is strong enough to handle the winding Northwest mountainous roads. That requires the driver's concentration and steady steering. Tourist  also need to pay attention to many steep passes such as Heaven Gate Slope, Ma Pi Leng Pass, Chin Khoang Slope, Tham Ma Slope. This is the reason why tourists should join with the Easy riders.  


Coming to this Northeastern land, you can not only discover the natural beauty. You can also learn about the culture of 24 different ethnic groups living here. It is the combination of nature, people and culture that has created the attraction for Ha Giang. You  go once will definitely want to go a second time, a third time and many more times.

Ha Giang owns many spectacular and beautiful landscapes, with a cool year-round climate and fresh air that has turned the leading land of Vietnam into a dream destination for travelers. Surely names such as Quan Ba twin mountain, Nho Que River, Ma Pi Leng Pass, Lung Cu flagpole, and hundreds of other beautiful landscapes will bring you a wonderful experience when you arrive in this land.
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