Ha Giang Private Car or mini Van Tour

Price Quotation in USD / person 2 pax 3-5 pax 6-8 pax 9 pax up
Ha Giang by Car $285 $240 $219 $ 189

Call/ WhatsApp To Book 
Hotline 1: Ms. Jena +84978824660
Hotline 2: Mr Hoang +84986259477
This option for you don't like much about the motorbike tour and if your age or motorbike are not suitable for you, this private car tour option will be one of the best tour for you to choose 
For Ha Giang Loop car Tour we arrange for 2 days Tour, 3 Day Tour, 4 Day tour all start from Ha Giang
How to travel to Ha Giang 
this tour option much more saving money for you to book a tour start from Hanoi, we operate this tour option help you save more money when you book a tour with compnay from Hanoi, as we are local poeple in Ha Giang we do every thing much cheaper 
how we do why cheaper? we have own car on van in Ha Giang City you will when you book tour with us we will book for you transfer from Hanoi to Ha Giang by limousine van to ha giang or night sleeper bus this one save money for you, if you book private car to Ha Giang it will be much more expensive tour
and you book our car tour it much better experience, becuase we are local people we know to desigh itineray to see amazig thing and get off the beaten track, see the less tourist places
we arrange the tour for 2 days,3 days , 4 days , 5 days 

This the brief of  2 days 1 night 


Day 0 : You will get pick up by night sleeper bus at 19.30 - 20.00pm transfer from Hanoi to Ha Giang by night sleeper bus at 8 pm

(or Limousine at 4pm) arrive to Ha Giang around 3 am and you get an accommodation provide on the tour for sleep 

(If you would like to take day bus please make request on the booking)


Day 0: You will get pick up from Hanoi by Sleeper Bus transfer to Ha Giang City. pick up time 19.30 - 20.00 pm then you will arrive to Ha Giang city around 3.00 - 3.30 am then you get pick up and provide for you homestay for you sleep untill 8 am 
Day 1: Ha Giang - Pac Sun Pass - Heaven Gate - Lung Tam Village - Yen Minh - Hmong Kinh Palace- Dong Van Town
Day 2: Dong Van - Meo Vac - Ma Pi Leng Pass - Meo Vac - Yen Minh - Quang Ba - Ha Giang - Back Hanoi by Night bus 

Tour includes  


- Private car - Van 

- Accomadation: Homestay with private room (or Hotel, bungalow)

- All food includes: 2 Breakfast - 2 Lunch - 1 Dinner 

- Experienced English speaking tour guides 

- All entry fees. 

- Private car 

- Free water durring the tour.. 

- Pick up and drop off at your hotel in Ha Giang

- Help you to book transfer to Ha giang 


Tour not includes:  Private drink at local restaurant and travel insurence, tip for guide and riders, Entry Permit to the border area.


Please contact to get detail itinerary 


Detail Itinerary 
Day 1: Ha Giang - Pac Som Pass - Heaven Gate - Nam Dam - Lung Tam Villages - Yen Minh - Tham Ma Pass - Hmong King Palace - Dong Van Over night in Dong Van  

The tour starts at 8.00 a.m. at our office in Ha Giang City.  The tour guide and driver will brief you on how to be safe to sit behind our driver and wear protection for a Motorbike rider and tell you details of the Tour itinerary of a 2-day tour. During your first day, our Ha Giang Easy Riders Team driver will lead you to see the most impressive of the scenery spectacular of landscape and breathtaking view


Our team drives you into the mountains & snake road before riding up to Pac Sum Pass with a height diluted over 1000m above the level. You will feel the temperature change much cooler then stop to enjoy the first panorama view from Pac Sum Pass with the spectacular landscape you can take a picture and enjoy some coffee on the top of Pac Sum pass 


After enjoying the view from Pac Sum Pass,  you will hop on a motorbike.  Ha Giang Easy Riders Team will drive again through the rock limestone mountains and villages, with many feelings of beautiful scenery then you will arrive at the Heaven Gate where you see amazing landscape and the huge and deep valley with the spectacular landscape where you will see and say wow wow amazing.  After enjoying the view from Heaven Gate our riders will drive down to the deep valley to visit a secret village Lung Tam where the Dao Minority people live.  In this village, you will have a chance to visit a local family.  


We continue driving pass Quang Ba to the town of Tam Son. Here you will start to see the amazing rock limestone mountain that starts off the line of the Karst plateau Geopark. Then we start at View Point for lunch, where you have a chance to see beautiful terraced rice paddies fields 

After Lunch continue to Dong Van on the way to  The Dong Van Karst Plateau Geopark is a major geoheritage sight in Vietnam. You will see a lot of terraced rice fields, thousands of limestone rocks magnificent views, and hidden villages in the Valley People will be working on the land and you will get a taste of rural north Vietnamese countryside life.Before driving to the town of Dong Van, you will make a stop at the residence of the Vuong family, which is still called “Hmong King Palace”. The trip will then continue to Dong Van town for overnight tonight you will stay at the hotel. After dinner, you can walk around the town to see Dong Van's ancient town nightlife 


Day 2: Dong Van Town - Ma Pi Leng Pass- Meo Vac- M Road - Yen Minh - Quang Ba - Ha Giang over night bus Back to Hanoi   


After having breakfast at a homestay or hotel on this day,  you will have a chance to ride to see the most spectacular landscape of Ha Giang and see the heaven pass and amazing - Ma Pi Leng Pass where you can see over view the Nho Que River underneath. This pass is well known; most tourists call this the most beautiful part of the loop. Just after the pass, you will take another road back to Yen Minh. This road takes you through equally beautiful landscapes as the first day. From Yen Minh, the route takes you back to Ha Giang City. During the tour, you will see the different cultures and hill tribes such as the Hmong tribe living in the Ha Giang province. Their beautiful clothes are easily recognizable. You will be impressed along the way by all aspects of the trip, the stunning views, fascinating country life, and beautiful cultures. The whole trip is an immensely rewarding experience and will give you life-long memories. after finishing wait for the night sleeper bus to pick you up and take you back to Hanoi      





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